Three Must Know Resources for Entrepreneurs

Starting out in business is a daunting process, you often question your decisions, feel unsure about ways you are managing your day and staff and are constantly looking for new ways to maximize your online visibility and improve sales.

Google Website Optimizer

Every business should take advantage of this free tool from Google; it should be your right hand man during the early stages as you set up your website. The dangers associated with ignoring this important resource is your business will not generate as many sales as you hoped for and you won’t draw enough customers to support your new enterprise.

Starting up your own business means a website is an essential tool, if you need more information on how well your website will fair against the thousands of other sites already on the internet, this resource will help you.

Basically this free tool will help you maximize your exposure, you will be able to test your pages and increase your website traffic easily. You will get to enjoy an increase in sales as your online visibility is improved, you will be able to improve your landing pages quickly and effectively and this tool eliminates any guess work associated with the website design.


When you first hire employees or you are trying to manage your own time each day, RescueTime can eliminate the guess work on where your inefficiencies are. This tool helps to increase productivity and helps you to track and manage your staff in one simple software package.

Time management is essential in any business, but especially a new business that is working hard to get its feet off the ground. Read full report before making any changes and take advantage of visit source to find out more about how this software package can help you increase productivity, remove inefficiencies and help you make the positive changes you need to create a successful business.


Sometimes you just need that encouraging word, that bit of advice from another entrepreneur and that shoulder to lean on. Smarta is an online community that offers support and advice to new businesses whether you’re making pizza dough or selling South Africa Accommodation.

There will be times when you aren’t sure which direction to take, maybe you just need someone to listen to you and give you an ear to complain to or maybe you just want to stay in touch with likeminded individuals and make some new connections, you can learn more by clicking here and find out how you can find this and more through one online community.

As an entrepreneur you are meant to know and understand everything, but without some reliable resources by your side you may find this a struggle. These resources offer valuable information and assistance to the daily running of your business, enabling you to storm ahead in a difficult climate and make the most of what you have. With the advice and easy management software these resources offer you, you are able to make the necessary changes to ensure success.