Basics of Internet Marketing

When marketing yourself on the internet the aim is to draw more traffic to your website, increase sales and improve your overall visibility. There are many ways you can achieve this online, but you need to know where to start.

Your Website

Your first step should be to have a professional website that is user friendly and really easy to navigate. It has been proven that a potential customer will only spend a short amount of time looking for what they need on one site, if they can’t find it they move on. So be sure your site is as easy to use as possible.

It doesn’t matter if you are selling skin care products or dog beds, your website content, that’s what is written on each page needs to be informative and rich in keywords. If you are not sure what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and keywords are, it is worthwhile spending some money and getting a professional writer with SEO knowledge to write your pages for you.

Understanding SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, now the reason I am telling you about this is because the next step in your online marketing is writing a regular blog which also needs to be SEO optimized.

When it comes to SEO the aim is to use specific keywords, these keywords are words potential customers will type into Google or Bing to find your site, your wording on your web page and blog need to be rich in these words to help improve your search engine ranking.

A Blog

A blog is an essential step in your online marketing campaign, the aim is to get more potential customers to follow it. You want them to view more and follow your blog on a daily basis, your blog will link them back to your site.

The trick with a blog is to write it so that it is interesting and informative, it can be on anything from trends within your industry to the latest products you have for sale. With new rules on SEO, you need to ensure you are offering your customers value to their reading experience, link this back to your site and watch as you generate more traffic.

What’s important when writing a blog is to keep it updated, your blog should be updated on a regular basis otherwise your potential customers are going to lose interest.

Social Media

Another very important part of online marketing is social media. How many people do you know that do not have a Facebook or Twitter account? Social media has become a normal part of our every day life, we update our status, check on friends and family and the clever businesses use this as a marketing tool.

The advantage with social media is you can keep exploring, you can be a supreme group USA or a small business trying to break ground, regularly updating your social media status ensures you are noticed. Update your status about your new blog or new products and use this tool to help your business succeed.